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About Systemic Lupus

Kidney Transplant Surgery

Our Mission

To contribute to socio-economic empowerment of kidney patients, vulnerable people in both rural and urban communities through lobbying, advocacy, capacity building, access to affordable treatment and drugs for attainment of decent livelihoods.

Our Vision

To play a leading role in developing and facilitating the provision of adequate and affordable dialysis, medical healthcare, transplant surgery and drugs/medication. 


There are three categories.


Membership is at a minimal fee. The members stand to benefit from any donations given to the Foundation.

  Members of the Public

These include Professionals, relatives and well wishers. Professionals can be used as Resource persons for Workshops in the areas of their expertise. Membership is at a minimal fee. Members are not restricted as to the number of other bodies they can join. They are free to join any other Organization that can benefit them.

  Corporate Members

The Corporate Members may sponsor Foundation activities. Membership is at a fee.


The Foundation is based and run according to Christian Principles which are part and parcel of its Constitution. Members of the Board and Committee are upright persons in Society wishing to advance the well being of kidney and Lupus patients, and members. it also through various activities seeks to address both Kidney and Lupus issues.

The Foundation was founded by a Patient who underwent dialysis for a period of 6 years. She got into Renal failure as a result of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus.   ( S.L.E).

She underwent all the turmoil. Financial\Economical, psychological, emotional, nutritional and on her last leg her very life was threatened as she grappled for life in an ICU ward on a life support system, All dialysis accesses had failed. She then started bleeding from all openings in her body and her body began swelling. Due to lupus her body lost its clotting function. The bleeding continued and urgent blood transfusion was required.

An appeal by a leading Local Radio Station, Kiss 100 for blood (B+) saved her life. She had required 10 pints. The public response was overwhelming. Next came the   appeal for a much needed kidney which would give her a new lease of life. Many people gave moral support and engaged in prayer together with the staff of the Radio Station. That is why prayer is a major component in the Foundation.

She however left for India without a donor as the person they had banked on pulled out on the last day. More prayers and a donor was found and sent to India . A successful transplant took place and from then hence forth, the patient has never looked back in trying to get assistance for those traveling the long weary journey. Many people urged her to form a body that would look into issues affecting kidney patients and she did having gone thro the experience herself. That is how the Foundation was born. The founder is now the Executive Director of Kenya Kidney and Lupus Foundation

KK&LF Founder and Director Jean Orwa Banda


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